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Globalization means that reaching out to your target audience in their native language is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success in international markets. Such is the power in presenting information in the customer’s native language that SMEs choosing to do so are immediately more accessible and attractive.

A recent survey carried out by Gallup proved that consumers were 70% more inclined to purchase a product or service carrying information in their native language. It also showed that 9/10 Internet users always visited websites in their mother tongue.

How does this impact Small to Medium Sized Businesses?

It means SMEs have to be business savvy, aware of how a brand and information are perceived by an audience in another country in another language. In this globalised age, customers expect to receive information in their native language.

Who said this had to be a challenge? Bella Translation brings you good news!

We provide 3 types of language for international exports packages, which can all be adjusted according to your business needs to get your company ahead of the international business game. Take a look:

Website translation package

Globalization means that clients expect to read a website in the mother tongue. Don’t make your clients suffer with a rough Google translation. Instead, make sure your website is accurately translated, making content easier to absorb and allowing the client to feel closer to the product or service. Ask me for more info by clicking here.

Business Documents package

It’s all about ease of communication and a professional image, isn’t it? Have all your business documents professionally translated into English – company brochures, product specification, contracts, agreements, customer communications and invoices. To choose this package, click here and I’ll provide you with more information.

Interpreting package

The only way to guarantee trustworthy communication with another party who doesn’t speak your language is to use a professional interpreter. Do you want to seal a vital dealer for a territory abroad? Do you need to speak with a potential client over the phone? What about taking that foreign investor on a guided tour of your factory? These are just some of the instances in which Bella Translations can provide a professional interpreter to take the hassle out of international communication. It’s as easy as clicking here.

Don’t know what you need? As part of the package, I can sit down with you at your desk or simply over Skype to discuss your business needs.

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