How long does a translation take?

I can normally translate 2,000 – 3,000 words per day. This gives me the perfect time to undertake a detailed research of terminology, write a good text in the target language and meticulously proofread it. However, sometimes the text subject and complexity also impact the turnaround time.

How much will Bella Translation’s services cost?

In general, the cost of translating a text is normally calculated by the number of words in the original text. I always adapt my rates to suit each project according to the following: the subject area, the urgency required and the complexity of the text. Therefore, if we consider a specialised legal text required within 24hours will have a higher cost than a general text with no deadline. Minimum fees of £30 do apply.

I charge proof-reading services by the hour.

Interpreting is a different kettle of fish: it is charged by the hour plus travel expenses. It’s really helps interpreters if clients can provide me with as much background information as possible about the nature and topics involved in your session in order to get the best service possible. Ask me for the ‘How to help your interpreter’ document.

Language tuition is charged by the hour; however, I tailor make packages for both individuals and businesses alike. It’s simple: just ask me for more information!

Drop me a line or an email and I will send you a tailored quotation for service you require.

Why can’t I just use Google Translate?

Google Translate and other machine translators are OK if you want to get the general gist of a text. However, when it comes to creating a professional impression, only a trained professional can do so!

I know a guy who speaks two languages. He can be our translator/interpreter...

Can he? Has he received professional training in Interpreting? It’s vital to be aware of the multiple intricacies and situations involved in interpreting activities. A translation project requires more than just translation – cultural sensitivity, accurate research, specific terminology searches, editing, proofreading and much more. Let Bella Translations take care of it!

Get in contact with me, I’ll be happy to help!

Not the language combination you're looking for?

Thanks to a tight knit group of translation colleagues, Bella Translations can provide you with translations in other languages: German, Polish, Norwegian and Italian. Just ask for more info!

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